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South East EnglandSouth East England development Agency
The South East of England, with 130 billion economy and 8 million people is the UKs largest region apart from London in terms of employment. One third of the region is designated as Area of outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and 15% of the land is designated as the Green Belt. While successful, the South East suffer from transport congestion, pressure on land and resources, skills shortage and an uneven rate of development characterised by pockets of deprivation (Hastings, Thanet).
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MalopolskaUrzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Malopolskiego
Malopolska has the most varied landscape in Poland and haseight sites designated as UNESCO World Heritages. The region contributes to 6.5% GDP in Poland. Exploring methods of developing a knowledge-based economy is particularly relevant to this region in transition while dealing with some of the ecologic issues inherited from previous regimes.
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Province Noord-Brabant
 Provincie Noord-Brabant
The Province of Noord-Brabant, situated in the South of Holland between the ports of Antwerpen and Rotterdam & between the randstad and the German Rhur region, is the most densely populated region in Europe and the area around Eindhoven is also the most innovative area of the Netherlands. Maintaining a high quality of life and preserving the environment while supporting social and economic growth is a key challenge to this region.
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 Regione Emilia-Romagna
With 9 Provinces and a population of 4 million people, this region has the highest average income in Italy. Since the early nineties, the Region has engaged into sustainable territorial development with the first Territorial Plan for Regional Landscape established in 1990. The region wishes to pursue this integrated work on Policy development sharing knowledge with other high growth regions on constraints and challenges to achieve regional sustainable development.
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 Junta de Andalucia
The region of Andalucia is a melting pot of cultures and the bridge between two continents. Andalucia, with a diversity of landscape covers 17.3% of the Spanish territory and is the largest Spanish region. With 7.6 millions habitants and an annual growth rate of 3.4% the Andalucian Government is developing global strateies to address social inclusion and encourage sustainable growth.
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