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Approved Projects
Programme Info > Eligibility What is the maximum grant projects can receive?
  • They receive 50% grant from the eligible expenditures if the project managers come from the South East England, Noord-Brabant and Emilia-Romagna and up to 75% of eligible expenditures for participants from Andalucia and Malopolska(please consult the Programme Handbook for further details)
  • Project partners had to demonstrate 50% (or 25% for Andalucia & Malopolska) match funding in their application form, in kind contributions are eligible (please see Programme Handbook for more information)
Is there a minimum number of partners?
The minimum number of partners is 2 partners for the Green, Business and Inclusive Growth from the following regions: South East of England, Malopolska in Poland, Andalucia in Spain, Emilia-Romagna in Italy, Province of Brabaant in the Netherlands.Other regions are not eligible for this programme.
The Grow website offers a partner search facility intended to provide an opportunity for potential project managers to gain links with potential partners.
Which type of organisations were eligible to apply?
Any of the following organisations from the eligible regions could apply: Organisations representing the environment, voluntary organisations and charities, universities and research centres, local networks and trade unions, public sector, private sector and SMEs (5% of the programme has been unmarked for the private sector) and economic interest group, colleges, universities, research centres, training providers and technology transfer organisations, local business networks, innovation centres and technopoles, business support agencies, hard to reach communities, local authorities, health and safety authorities, education providers, local network and business support agencies.
Individuals are not eligible to apply.
When were the Calls?
  • The 1st call opened the 24th of June 2005 and closed in September 05, the decision was published in December 2005
  • The 2nd call opened in December 2005 and closed in February 2006, the decision was made official end of May 2006
  • Projects run until November 07