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Approved Projects
Approved Projects - Green
Six projects have been recommended for funding under the first call under the following sub-themes:

- Sustainable construction
- Brownfield regeneration
- Resource management
- Flood risk management

Sustainable construction
Building for the future - sustainable construction for professionals

The project aim is to develop training and learning on sustainable construction which will influence and support the construction sector in both UK and Spain. The partnership of the project in South East England comprises of the Association of South East Colleges (AOSEC), Environment Agency, LSC and SEEDA and in Spain the F.L. de la Construccion Andalucia. The project will focus on incorporating sustainable construction principles into the vocational curriculum in the UK and Spain.

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The project involves three countries UK, Spain and Poland. The partnership involves the Environment Centre (tEC), Hampshire County Council, Cracow University of Technology, Instituto Andaluz de Technologia.
The objective of the partnership is to create a blueprint for planning and purchasing in relation to sustainable built development. The target groups of the project are local authorities and the business communities with the ambition of setting up an “international sustainable network”.

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A Pilot Project for Sustainable Construction

The partners are South East Centre for the Built Environment (SECBE) in the UK and Diputacion Provincial de Huelva in Spain. The project is focusing on industry best practices in sustainable design and construction. The project will fund pilot projects implementing the use of sustainable construction methods and materials as well as incorporating water and energy efficiency equipment. A network of professionals will be established and best practices disseminated via the organisation of international forums & seminars.

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Brownfield regeneration

The aim of this project is to design a process in which former landfill and brownfield sites are redeveloped in a sustainable manner.
The project involves four countries. The partnership of the project in the Netherlands comprises of the Brabant Environmental Federation, TELOS, Malopolska Agencja Energii I Srodowiska and Miejski Przedsiedbiorstwo Oczyszczania in Poland, of SEEDA and the University of Brighton in the UK and the Municipality of Bologna in Italy.

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Resource management
Regionalized nAMEA-type matrix (RAMEA)

The project involves four countries. The partnership involves ARPA Emilia-Romagna in Italy, TELOS in the Netherlands, the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poland, and South East England Development Agency in the UK.
The aim of this project is to realise four mutually comparable tools for a NAMEA-type Matrix (National Accounting Matrix including environmental accounts) with monetary and physical data on a regional level, to give support to policy makers in the definition of sustainable development strategies and also evaluation of policies.

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Flood risk management
FLORISPRE Citizen Flood Risk Prevention

This is an innovative project with a community based approach to educate citizens on flood risks, prevention and management using multimedia to raise awareness. The project involves three participating countries UK, Spain and Italy, the partners are the Environment Agency, Empresa de Gestion Medio Ambiental SA and the Municipality of Piacenza.

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