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Approved Projects
Approved Projects - Business
Five projects have been recommended for funding under the first and second call under the following sub-themes:

- Incubation
- Culture of entrepreneurship
- Cluster
- Technology transfer
- Trading


This project involves 4 countries UK, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands to support the growth of young high tech companies. The partners involved are the SEEDA Enterprise Hub Network, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Seville, Fundacja Inkubator Technologiczny BPCC, NV Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij. The project is not sector specific and will engage with entrepreneurs and small technology-knowledge-based companies, which have the potential to grow significantly and have an international impact. The target groups are business incubators, start-ups and SMEs.

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Culture of entrepreneurship

The partners are Business Link Solution, the Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Education Business Link Organisation, Berkshire EBP, Oxford Brookes University, Berkshire EBP, Oxford Brookes University School of Enterprise and the University of Portsmouth Centre for Enterprise in the UK, FSLD– Malopolska Institute of Local Government and Administration in Poland.
The aim of this project is to develop young people to enable them to contribute more successfully to economic growth and prosperity, whether as citizens, employees, self-employed or entrepreneurs.

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Establishing an international network of health technology clusters (GrowHealth)

Establishing an international network of health technology clusters The project involves two participating countries UK, Poland and Italy. The partners are SEHTA and SEEDA in the UK, Regione Emilia-Romagna & Aster SCPA in Italy. This project will develop a collaborative international network of health technology clusters contributing to the development of the knowledge based economy.

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Technology transfer

The project focuses on knowledge transfer and is aimed at bringing together 3 different professional cultures: academia, industrial and knowledge transfer professionals working across 3 countries. This is a partnership involving five reputable and experienced universities: University of Surrey, the University Foundation for the Development of the Province of Cordoba, Jagiellonian University, the Technical University of Eindhoven and ASTER Scienza Tecnologia Impresa -S. Cons. p.a.
The knowledge transfer activities will focus on 4 key sectors: biotechnology/health, ICT, new materials and technologies, environmental solutions.

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Growing Trade and Innovation

The partners will organise 3 major business match-making events for high tech SMEs held in England in May 2006, in Malopolska in September 2006, in Noord-Brabaant in May 2007 and a “closure” event. The partnership will set up a match-making website for SMEs available in all languages.

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